What They Think

A toxic mindset runs in every town, in any city is encountered. Dictate to people on how to live, what is accepted, what to purchase, path to follow, figures to earn, places to live and visit.

This mindset get tons of people in trouble, live above their means, impress others wrongly, lowered standards, riches sort after to prove a point. Act are governed by fear and not proper reasoning, decision are taken from the collective mindset, independence and freedom of choice is compromised.

This subtle demon hide behind every thought, if awareness is not brought into living colours all expression, represses anything authentic, stir up fears in doing what is novel. Fearless expression is not possible when there is an obsession with other people’s thoughts, all great ideas, all noble deeds emanate from fearlessness.

Fear should be conquered before authentic life is lived. Right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood is attained in self confidence and trust. Everyone has a path, for some it will be novel and misunderstood, the very nature of this should not deter the individual. What others think of one’s life path should be downplayed, focus and vision overplayed.

There is no excuse for not achieving ones true potential, buying what you don’t really need, choosing a calling because it’s trendy. You have no one to blame if you fall into the pit of fear and live an unauthentic life, hold only yourself to account.

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