Law Of Correspondence

Everything in existence reflect a state of consciousness, be they tree, animal, mountain, star, atom and finally Man. All things correspond to their own level of homogeneity. Water has levels of homogeneity of either frozen, liquid or gaseous. The human being has levels of correspondence which are: the spiritual, the ethereal, and the material. To be ignorant of the spiritual and the ethereal and conscious of the material is to be imbalanced. A Matured human being should be able to swing in every level of correspondence. So many problems cannot be solved on a material level, a huge part of living knowledge is gotten from the ethereal universe, gaps could not be covered had no genius served as a medium between the two worlds.

The spiritual is the last state of consciousness for the human, it is only through spiritual awakening that everything is completely mastered. Without the desire to connect with the spiritual, the material level and ethereal level soon come to a standstill. There is a rise in mental and psychic devepment only to decline once more, civilizations are birthed and slowly advanced only to fall to destruction once again, works of innovation and genius are created but distorted for wrong use, without the spirit there is a vicious cycle of creation and destruction.

For complete harmony to exist there must be a balance between the Traid. And that balance cannot exist without Man exerting all his faculties. Man is not his body alone, Man is not his mind alone, all these are just for earthly purposes. The spirit should be awakened while on earth, the soul should be known and the body and environ will reflect paradise.

Paradise is not a place to expect, it is not a reward for the good, it is a state that comes naturally when the Traid are balanced. The spiritual and the ethereal are mostly undiscovered, the material has the forefront. Then all the armaments that are being invented and stored will sooner or later bring all to a quick end. When there is an over focus on the material, disharmony and destruction is the result, for other planes of correspondence precede the material.

Man is still very far from the spiritual nature, all that he think spiritual are material imagination of what spirit should be. Spirit cannot be imagined, it can only be demonstrated. The soul of the human race which is closer, is also neglected, which is the cause of so many emotional difficulties and misunderstanding amoung human beings.

A balance should be created between the Traid, which by nature is not an easy endeavor. There are so many opposition to this, but a sound striving and dissatisfaction with imbalance should become the motivation. The life a nation or the individual will lead when all planes of correspondence are balance cannot be put in words, should only be experienced.

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