It’s Better To Give

We live in a world that promote an attitude of taking, receiving is the slogan. People await opportunity to take, hand stretched out and lips eager to say thanks. Favors are sort after, friends and sometime family betray when there is nothing to receive anymore. Wise men have taught the deep and pervading truth that it is better to give than to receive. To give bring about expansion, to give open channels for manifestation, giving is the door to the infinite. We come to receive a hundredfold what we have given, there’s never a loss, those that give without expecting know the greatest happiness.

A life without giving is colourless and barren. The individual that cannot give something is indeed stagnated. For we all have endless gifts to give, we are children of the infinite; some can give good music, some delicious delicacies, some excellent services, some great literature, some technological advancement, some balanced leadership. What are you giving? You can give your cooperation, your self discipline, your honesty, your genuine friendship, your detailed attention. You have a lot to give.

At every point we should rejoice at the opportunity to give for portals are simultaneously opened. Whenever you withhold giving even a smile you are at the loss. The secure way to live an abundant life is through the act of giving, try giving something everyday. Anything you can give is valid and you will receive in turn endlessly. Those that take incessantly deplete their resources, that think they have plenty but they have nothing, they know no joy, no peace, only the crafty propensity dominates, leading a lifestyle that bring endless miseries. Life is all about giving, all about expressions, all about expansion. Any person that does not adhere to this law contracts and becomes very limited.

Giving make every Man and Woman independent, giving endlessly sure bring about the balance. Imagine a world where everyone is giving his or her talents, living the natural making, is that not heavenly. When we all embrace the path of repairs and healing we create a better world. To be completely self- reliant we must balance the giving and the taking dimension, taking without proper giving lead to pronounced limitations. People that give more are more healthy than they that receive, those with the habit of giving seem more expanded inward and outward. We must find our own outlet of giving and pour out endlessly, we will be surprised the new level of life soon entered.

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