Pleasure and Bliss

When we take a closer look at what happiness is, we have to understand there are two ‘types’ of happiness: pleasure and bliss. We can say that pleasure is the type of happiness that makes us temporarily feel good. It is the happiness we feel when eating something nice, getting something we want or when we think we have found something in a relationship. These things mean we are more secure and so our body releases the chemicals that make us feel good and relaxed.

However, these are all short-term gains; in a few hours we feel hungry again, as days unfold we want something else or are disappointed in somebody’s behavior. So most of us will start to chase some other desire and find it unsatisfactory once they fulfill it. It is actually amazing how we keep believing the fulfillment of our next desire will really-really-really make us happy. It is impossible to stay happy for long by trying to fulfill your desires: the list of desires is endless; nothing ever stays the same, and so your pleasure will fade away sooner than you think.

We can say pleasure is a result of listening to the Ape- mind (our brains). It is short-lived and will often leave you more depressed than you were. A pleasure is after all just a temporary feeling caused by the hormones released as a ‘reward’ by the Ape- mind because it thinks it has done it’s job: survive and increase safety. It doesn’t know total safety is an illusion, so it keeps trying. And so will you if you keep listening to the Ape- mind in you.

Bliss is of another dimension, it does not originate from the Ape- mind, it has origin in the soul. Have you ever felt joy for no possible reason? Have you ever felt like dancing where no physical incentive? Have you ever felt serenity under heavy attack; under stressful conditions and still remained poised? If yes, you have experienced bliss. To be blissful is to be undisturbed, to be relaxed, calm and always objective. Wisdom is incessant in the state of bliss for there are no resistance.

Bliss does not fluctuate it is permanent. It leads to stability in all areas of life. Happiness is transcended to something more stable and lasting. The blissful person is so extensive that all disharmony disappear into the empty void. There are no clingings and attachments, only love and deep understanding. The path toward bliss is a journey that starts from misery to happinesss, from happiness to dissatisfaction; from dissatisfaction to the reaching of something more permanent.

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