The Human Aura

Have you ever meet that somebody with inner fragrance, and after the encounter you felt deeply refreshed. Are you a delight to all those you come across, a joy to be around. The human aura give the most accurate definition of individuals. We cannot fake the aura, what we radiate is what we actually are! The spiritually inclined have the white hue, the moral and intellectually inclined the blue hue, the immoral and vile disposition the dirty yellow hue, the murderous and sinister the dark brown hue.

We all have an aura, we all rediate something. The human aura consists the sum total of every deep thought, enduring idea and believe which dictate daily actions. Our attitude reveal a lot about us to the observer. Every action and demeanor, every word uttered is rich with personal history. In first encounters with human beings, the first impression you get is usually most accurate, this is termed Gut feeling. When ignored you will later wonder when and how you got things wrong.

The moment we choose to become more aware of our thoughts, our actions and feelings which form our dispositions, the more likely we improve the aura. Our predominant inner state over the years become very obvious to onlookers. The individual that inwardly identify with angry thoughts and feelings, on the outside is mostly avoided. The individual that identify with fault and guilt on the inside, cannot express temerity outwardly. The restless over inflated ego lead to mad ambition and manipulation on the outside.

Self awareness is most important, with honesty people come to see themselves as they really are, knowing exactly where the inner fault lie. The exertion is then tailored to the exert point and refinement become obvious. You must have experienced in your past persons with heavy faults and even repulsive personalities, only to meet again and discover a sharp contrast in relation. This is termed personal development or soul work.

The soul is the heartbeat of harmony and sweet melodies. A sweet human aura is the result of attunement to the soul. If you ever desire to have a strong musical note of character, the purification of faults and transmutation of base propensities to emitting radiant light; Hence the soul work. A task that is never easy but necessary if harmony is to become prominent in individual life.

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