The Beauty Of Failure

Many are afraid of failing, many people cannot stand the heat, we work extremely hard in life just not to fail, trying to maintain certain image of ourselves in other people’s eyes. A close look into nature and we find in there some disastrous tales of failure. Not all seeds planted sprouts, not every hunt executed by the apex species are successful, some birds never learn to fly, some rose buds never get the opportunity to blossom, yet nature move untainted in continuity, for success always loom “next time”.

Life is a story of ups and downs, our plans are sometimes over- turned, our expectations are at other time unfulfilled, we get manipulative and edgy wanting certain result at any cost only to meet frustration in the eye. We all love success, we all love the feeling of things going our way, we seek accomplishments. We expect the sweet and pretend the bitter doesn’t exist.

We are not trained to handle failure, and how we see failures treated in society stir-up misgiving, they are subjects of discussion, ridicule and are shunned. Very few in their right thinking minds like to be around a perceived loser. But there still remain a beauty in failure, for all circumstances in life have a designated purpose. The designated purposes of failure are to inspire the art of aloneness, to find strength and help from within, to continue in the midst of trials until one reaches the center point.

When the center point is reached, one find peace and the enduring repose in the dual nature of things, and the strength to always continue on the road track of destiny. Failure is a dilemma in itself, the formation of inner strength or the development of complexes which inhibit body and mental health. And since failure is an indispensable aspect of daily life it should be completely mastered. We must remain objective even in the middle of weird- fate, keeping calm and open to growth.

Success is the goal but failures happen during the journey, there should be no despair about failing, the emotions may sting, the mind may be depressed but the soul stand above success and failure. They will both play out in every life, occasionally having an interchange. But live without fear, keep to the path of individual destiny, persevere in what you know is right, journey through the dark tunnel no matter how long and hard; there is always light and endless hope at the end.

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