Life Is Not A Race

Avoid undermining your worth by comparing yourself with others. We are all different hence we are all special. When you don’t compete and compare you arrive at your destination in health, peace and tranquility.

Set your goals by what you know is important to yourself, never what other people deem necessary. You know yourself better, other people just pretend to know you and try to get you in trouble with the universal laws that govern human destiny.

When you take your dreams for granted you lead a life of no passion, you may never have the things and life you value. Therefore cling to your dreams as you would your life, without them life is meaningless.

When you allow the years to slip through your fingers in frivolity and waste you have a lot to regret afterwards, you will be chained to the past and dread the future. By living life one day at a time in authenticity, purpose and perseverance, you will find satisfaction all the days of your life.

We always have and will always have something to give, when you believe you have nothing to give you become a failure. Give whatever you have at whatever point you are, you did be surprised the things thought of as little, are the lasting impressions in the heart.

Life is a risk and many things are unknown, is that not the thrill of it all! When we are completely safe and can predict events most accurately then life becomes predictably boring, we will always know what to expect. But this never happens, so embrace the risks and be courageous in the unknown.

It is never impossible to find true love, what you are is what you attract, when you are progressive, obedient, honest and devoted, there are other humans with such traits, it will only take the universe a little time to bridge the space and time barrier to bring you two together. Be patient!

Life is not a race, you need not run too fast to keep up pace with others, be comfortable having people ahead, be confident to move at your own pace, enjoy the scenery, breathe deeply, avoid the pit holes and keep moving on. The time will come when you reach your destination with more patience, more endurance, more insight and strength; for life is continuous there is no finish line.


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