Break The Circle

Whether it be generational abuse, harmful beliefs passed down from parent to child or toxic habits that have plagued families for what seems like centuries, you were not meant to live a life repeating the same dysfunctional patterns that have hindered your ancestors and current folks from the life they were meant to live, you can break the circle and show others the lead.

Fear cripple lots of people, they are scared to deviate from the ways of the past, they fear doom on every new path, as though ancestral eyes are still watching them from beyond the grave. Your life is your life, it doesn’t belong to anyone but yourself, you are the master craftsman that shapes it into whatever form you desire.

A lot of inherited patterns should be broken, our environment places in us certain patterns, certain ideas that become hindrances on the path of individuals. Stagnated economies, corrupt government, war-torn regions creates circles of lack, violence and frustration. religious intolerance creates circles of bigotry and prejudice leading to much opposition and conflicts.

We are to guide our minds, the adult should have complete governance over their lives, breaking destructive circles and build progressive ones in place so that the future open to better realities. The dark ages are over, we have no reason to remain in fear, we have Human Rights to pursue our own happiness and freedom. Know what freedom constitutes or it will be taken away in subtle forms.

When you finally break out of every circle you finally reach a point of infinity, you now have access to the formless void to create whatever you desire for yourself, no more definitions, no more concepts, no images of limitations, only emptiness and silence remain. It is from this point that the most impressive actions are taken, and the most fulfilled lives are lived.


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