The Source Of Pain

Pain in life is caused by distance from the “truth.” When we live pretentious lives, the outcome is pain, there is no other source. Since truth is naturally bitter and an ordeal to live out, people prefer lies, delusions and pretence. They search about for whom to play such games and surprisingly find lot of people willing to be immersed in the life of delusion.

When delusions run our lives we cannot be at peace, the foundation is simply not there! No matter how the pretense goes on for years the pain only gets worse, people that build their lives on pretence get stranded sooner or later. They may search for who to blame for their failures, pain, fallouts, agonies pointing crooked fingers at shadows, forgetting that they choosed to play dirty and refused to tread the truthful way.

We are all tempted to live in delusions, we are influenced by the mainstream. Societies promote certain ideas and lifestyles that are pretentious. People seek prestige and wealth at the cost of truthful reality, they have preferences to live in bubbles and float for a while, when such pleasure trips are finally bursted they come crashing down on the earth in pain and agony.

Peoples realities get complicated by lies because of an unfounded fear for the simple truth. The truth is what sets people free and destroy all pain. It may be difficult to accept and practice, it may be misunderstood for the while but it builds a solid foundation for better lasting realities.

If we seek a life free of pain we must learn to live realistically. We should be truthful and honest in all areas of individual life. We must defeat the strong urge for the life of pretense, living our lives to impress other people. Keeping only to the highest principles that govern human life. When we do so, the outcome is a life that is devoid of unnecessary sufferings and pain.

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