Live As Guests Of Life

One of the releasing realization that can come to any person is that “life here is temporary”. Yes’ we say we know that, but our actions tell otherwise. We act as though we will live here forever, we cling to things, places and person’s forgetting that they will someday no longer be part of our experience. And when someone “dies” it comes as a rude awakening, we then realize life here is temporary, only for it to fade again in the currents of fleeting events.

Meditation or mindfulness is what keeps us constantly aware of the nature of reality found here, we don’t get over attached to anything. Without meditation, without constant mindfulness we are easily taken by the tides of mundane living. We quickly get lost in the maze, in the hurry, the wants and needs, the demands of the body that we forget the clock is ticking.

We are to live here fully in the moment, yet still open to the wisdom that we are temporal guests here. We were all born to meet a perfect world, we do nothing to improve the already existing structure of Nature. There is an over- abundance of everything, the world teem with numerous forms. We were also gifted with a body that have a time- limit, with an intellect to coordinate our daily existence.

The most important things in life are free, and the truth about humans and universe cannot be reversed. We are to build a wholesome realization of life and not be trapped in one-sidedness. We should live our daily lives in recognition that we are infinite spiritual beings on a material journey. This is not our destination, this is not our best expressions, this is not our beginning or ending, we are just here for the great lessons earthly living offers us.

With this recognition it does not matter what our outward circumstances may be, we are to work with what we are given. No suffering last forever and no pleasure or excitement found here also last forever. To be attached to one side of life and reject the other realities is to be stagnated. We are all here on a journey, everyone will sooner or later exit the scene. The best we can do while still here, is to remain focused, choose growth and learn the lessons offered.


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