A Better Life

We are suckers for material betterment, we desire to “make it big”. We define our lives materially measuring ourselves- up through the yardstick of prosperity, fame and success. A better life is what multitudes are seeking, those who have attained “it” are considered lucky, are admired and sometimes envied.

Cheapness of values are so common these days, standards have mightily fallen, people now peddle the things of the soul for scraps of material betterment. They prefer the luxury, the glamour, the fascinating things, opening their hearts to all sort of distortions in the quest for material exhibitions.

What do we term the better life. Is it a life of plenty, wife and adorable children, opportunity and favors, honor and respect, friends and admirers, whims and desires all attained. For many have climbed the ladder of success, reached the pinnacle of accomplishment still feeling emptiness within. The acquirement of things does not guarantee inner wholeness “save” the connection with soul.

The call is to now seek the inner life or the soul life. The life of the soul is where the peace and satisfaction are found. It is where all earnest work are crowned with lasting impressions. It is here that inward and outward balance harmonizes. The soul can materialise what is needed for our human experience, it can stir up from the void balanced success, relationship, work expression, finance that bring no trace of sorrow.

We need not chase shadows anymore, we need not focus only on improved material betterment. Our true nature knows whatever we need and will manifest just that, waste no time for personal development on fleeting betterment. The idea of a better life is now replaced with the inflow of soul realizations, where the inspirations of life can reach and transform us. We now seek a proper alignment with life, this is our most sacred priority.

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