Mirror Of Reality

Our physical reality mirror our inner life. If you really want to get the most accurate view of yourself, study very closely your emerging realities. You can also learn from past events to see how you created your present troubles.

How do people treat you? How are you perceived by others? Are things going your way or do they oppose you? How is your response to the events happening in your life? What predominantly plays out in your reality positive things or negative?

When you answer these questions you know for yourself if your consciousness is static or evolving. We shape our realities whether we know it or not, our thoughts, words and actions are creating what we will experience next. People want change of reality in their lives yet they are not ready to change on the inside, what they then desire cannot be manifested.

There is no quick fix when it comes to the inner life. Just as we have spent years of ignorance creating a mess of things, we also need years of new knowledge and practice to destroy negative realities. Our destiny is in our hands, because we can think whatever thought we want, which builds momentum over time and kickoff results.

Without self- knowledge people create horrors for themselves. All their nasty experiences have root in ignorance. They feel something other than themselves manipulates their life. One of Man’s greatest flaw is that he toys with “speech”, he says whatever pops into his mind, this very attitude have complicated many lives.

Everything start in the mind and also corrected from the mind. Discipline your thought, words and action, when this new awareness gain momentum harmony play- out in your reality. Those that are aligned with life do most of their strenuous work on the inside, and realities appear balanced on the outside; while the uninitiated do most of the strenuous work on the outside, with little or no effort on the inside; the realities they create are highly unstable.

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