Gratitude is one of the most important virtue to cultivate while living. We should first feel gratitude toward “Nature”, the beautiful world we are all born into, the land, the sky, the sea, the forest and the numerous creatures. The natural world move in circles which we are not responsible for! A life of gratitude is a life of understanding, a life of carefulness, an existence filled with wonder.

We were all born as babies unconscious and fragile, loved one’s dedicated the time to nourish us, helped us when we fall, gave us the necessary love we needed to stay healthy. We should feel gratitude toward loved one’s. Then came the teachers who inspired us to learning and discipline, and our peers who where a part of our rise and fall. Gratitude should fill our heart, a thankfulness for those moments.

We always have the need to be thankful for our circumstances in life, whether born with a silver spoon or with little, such experience are well tailored to suit our development. Our Nations and Native origin, the state of our affairs are very necessary tools for our progress. We have to be grateful for what we have, what we have been given. The life of ingratitude is a defeating life.

Everyday find something to be grateful for. Be grateful for the storekeeper that sell the groceries, be grateful for the birds that chirp outside your window, be grateful for the quality of life found in this twenty-first century, be grateful for the government and the service men and women. When you cultivate a life of gratitude you develop a positive approach towards the world and other people begin to feel it and reflect it back at you.

We live happier lives when filled with the spirit of gratitude. Our world take on a new dimension, we look forward to every new day. The richest life is the life of thankfulness, this opens up the mind, lightens the heart and we absorb life more deeply. In the end everything served a purpose in our lives, the good and bad. We have to be grateful for the good as well as the bad, for our failures as well as our success, they all played a part in our development bringing us to this very moment in which we are!

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