Benefits Of Meditation

Endless stream of thoughts dominate the mind, mind is never at rest, the incessant streaming create friction and this can get overwhelming. We desire a break from the torrent of thoughts but we have no idea how to execute it. Many resort to measures such as alcohol, talkativeness, diversions, psychedelics, sex, hard work in other to find distraction from the uncontrollably thoughts of the mind.

The human mind is governed by six dimensions, and I will dictate them in their natural order. First is hate, second is fear, third is boredom, fourth is sexuality, fifth is joy, sixth is love. These six dimensions create the sensation in form of thoughts and feelings which constitute the content of any mind. We are all driven by hate, fear, boredom, sexuality, joy and love. Motives of action arise from these dimensions.

Truth is we are not our minds nor are we defined by its contents. The mind and it’s contents are tools for our development in the world. The mind have all these dimensions to bring about our choices. We can choose to live a life of hate and fear, or an existence of joy and love.

Mind will always evoke thoughts and feelings, we as souls are to filter them and act properly. When we identify with the mind hook line and sinker we may get into trouble. When the sexual dimension is undisciplined things can get nasty. But when wisdom find entrance into the mind from “Soul”, what we develop is a balanced mind.

Meditation is what allows the soul to govern the mind. And when the six dimensions are at work, we learn to permit the constructive thoughts and feelings of the mind and detach from the dysfunctional. Meditating regularly, creating time each day where we just watch the dimensions of mind play- out without involvement develop in us a sound mind, proper reasoning, right and productive actions, reduced mistakes and aberrations, better understanding of people’s actions and deep enjoyment of life.

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