Learn Everyday

Life is a journey. The process is about learning and growing, moving from one threshold to the next. An endless opportunity to learn present itself everyday. Learning is never an easy or comfortable process, we exert our faculties, we stretch our bodies and minds. Indolence, procrastination and prejudice defeat the desire to learn, we become static, argumentative and problematic.

People that are closed from learning are problem ridden, they create troubles for themselves and for the surroundings. They take without giving in return, they consume without contributing, they enjoy other people’s works and expressions but withhold theirs. Learning and expressing yourself is the right way to live and when opposed stagnation sets in.

Books are important sources of learning in our lives, we grow through the medium of books. We all know the value of education. Many people spend a quarter of their lives in schooling. Books are very important tools for learning. There are books on almost any topic, ideas that can transform and bring innovation into our world. An educated person is half prepared. We should form a habit of studying everyday, setting aside time we use to explore the world of ideas.

Character building is the next area of growth and learning, education without character building can lead to failures in practical life. Success is destroyed by poor character, an overbearing nature is very difficult to work with. Many have risen to crash head down because of the wrong mental attitude. We can and should cultivate the attitude of discipline, patience, self control, teamwork, perseverance and more.

The natural world present us opportunities for learning. Nature is rich with wisdom, there are many creatures with great qualities of industry we can learn from. The quality of our lives have improved because of some people who dedicated their attention to study of the natural world giving us great inventions. Learn to be alert, notice the flowers, plants and trees around you. We can all profit from observing the natural environment.

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