Inner Voice

We are conscious of the outer world, the noise, the scenery, the activities. There is an inner kingdom as substantial as the outer dimension. This inner kingdom communicates to us with a “still small voice”, heart felt impressions and orchestration in our daily lives.

Inner voice speak but a few pay attention to the impressions. We are so busy with our lives that we have no time, no place for the inner voice. Finally it gets drowned, we live without an inner life in chase of scraps of pleasures and achievements. Never realizing our time in this life is very brief, the bodily sensations are intense and we need the most accurate guidance so we don’t end in misery.

Whatever our growth pattern entail and the decisive actions we need to take toward unfolding, these are accurately communicated from our inner lives. We are told where our weaknesses are found and how to strengthen them. We cannot see everything on our own, that is why we are directed from the inside, and when we learn to obey we make great strides in our lives.

The human society is mostly barren of truth, there are lots of false expectations upon the people. Many societies are ignorant of people’s inner lives and demand wrongly of them. Escape from the confusion of the world through the inner voice. Everyone who listens to this voice cannot be led astray, they only become the most truthful and liberated.

We seek the inner kingdom and obey the inner voice when we desire changes in our lives, when we are dissatisfied with the superficial. How seriously we take this voice is how clearer it become, how powerful it influence, and the transformation it brings. Restlessness and over activity shuts the voice from reach, we should create silent moment from time to time where we allow the still voice to come out and direct our life and actions.

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