Law Of Secrecy

It may take some folks a long time to realise privacy is much needed in daily living. Whenever secrecy is breached we begin to struggle with what could have been avoided. There are things to make public and there are things the public get to know at the right time.

Our goals in life should be kept a secret, telling others may lead to them giving unnecessary advice that is not needed, or worse things may follow. Work toward your goals in private, everyone will see or hear about the success when the goals are actualized.

The things you do for other people should be kept private, bragging in public about things done for others bring temporary satisfaction and lasting resentment. There is no point being arrogant about helping someone in need, giving a substantial donation, opening doors for someone, or being a good friend. Keep good deeds secret and let the universe reward you.

We live in an era where people flunt their lavish lifestyle on other people’s faces. They want people to know how well they eat, good fabric they wear, articles they purchase and other shenanigans. Such actions attract the wrong kind of attention, inviting gold diggers as friends and associates. Nobody really cares about these things they only pretend and flatter, don’t live life so you can tell and show off about it.

Our philosophy and views about life are personal, as our faith. People go on ego trips thinking they can change other people’s deep revered believes. What brought sanity and change to your life may not be practical for others. That is why there are many paths, philosophy and religion. If your path is most important just don’t force it on other people, they may be harboring similar thoughts elsewhere.

Challenges we face in life are endless and they should make us better. But certain kind of person’s keep complaining about their troubles and challenges. They become so needy of help and assistance to the extent of ridiculousness. Challenges should be kept secret, we should do whatever is necessary to solve problems quietly or resort to prayer or meditation for higher guidance. Making your troubles public only bring complications rather than solutions.

The information we have about other people should be kept secret. So many good relationship are destroyed due to gossip and slander. There are people that will trust you and open the door of their hearts. Just don’t stab them! Never discuss anyone at their back, for even walls have ears. Read books regularly, embark on a new projects, do anything to keep the mind productive so it does not idle itself into people’s affairs.

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