For many of us life is lived between two curved lines. We revolve around the same circle, doing the same things and expecting different results, meeting the same people, saying the same things over and over. We cannot imagine the life lived outside the curved lines, it reeks the smell of the unfamiliar.

The familiar is like the cocoon, a warm place in which we thrive. Hardly realizing that there is unlimited freedom outside the defined line. When we leave the boundary of the two curved lines we come into the world of vastness. Nothing is defined here we define things for ourselves and live according to our own nature.

Leaving the parenthesis is absolute freedom, no set rule, no limitation and no imitation. What is required is courage and an adventurous spirit. We begin to live spontaneously like creatures in nature unbounded and free. Spiders spin orb web without instructions, birds weave the nest without supervision, the bee go miles to gather nectar without being prompted.

Nature inspires us to break out from the parenthesis, to exit the boundaries of curved lines. She desire we follow the lead of the birds, and the spirit of the wind, seeking the flow of our own life. We then fall into the unknown, the feeling of freedom at first seem strange but we grow in rhythm and harmony.

We all come into this world free but gradually learn the habit of limiting ourselves, fitting our lives into some notable boundaries. People define us and we accept these definitions. We end up in beautiful or ugly cages, infinite freedom within but the curved lines prevent us from experiencing a new dimension of living.

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