World Of Becoming

Incompleteness is what drives us to become something or anything hoping we find completeness. Our lives have become a journey toward something, we are found mostly in a state of yearning, and when we finally “become”, we feel relieved temporarily before another circle begin. The present moment is covered under dusts of desires we ought to attain. If only we become this or that, will we be complete.

Completeness is not found in fulfilled desires neither in happenings, life only become a weed marsh, we forget where we are, what is present. When finally we become we hardly sit in realization instead we jump to the next desire. The world is filled with deficient people trying to cover up insecurities by becoming, they feel empty until they have something, or are someplace.

When we are concerned with attaining our destiny rather than trying to become something or somebody, we take a leap toward actual completeness. We then learn to “be”, following our growth pattern and things just unfold the way they were meant to be. There is no distraction of trying to become this or that to find happiness, for happiness can never be found at any future time, it reside in the moment.

Just ‘Be” and avoid trying to become, live and stop waiting for things to happen to feel complete. Life is lived moment by moment, when you reject this moment because you don’t like what is going on, and think you will like a future moment when all is going well you are mistaken. How you feel Now is how you feel when you “become” or attain anything.

Be complete at this present moment wherever you are! What you try to “become” will quickly become dissatisfaction when reached, there is no end to the game of “becoming”. Sit down on a comfortable chair for five minutes, forget the past and future with all you wish to “become” and just allow the moment being alive in it. Practice this everyday until gradually you start “being” and less becoming.

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