Relationship Circle

Relationships are indispensable while living on earth, what they offer can be of great value, priceless, some bring wreckage or even ruin. There are relationships that will last for days, weeks, months, years and the vital once a lifetime. Each person you encounter on your journey will be a blessing or a bug, just put on your seatbelt for many more are to come!

Never mourn the loss of any relationship for when old circles end new circles begin. There are people who cling to what is gone, trying to spark old flames that have died out, they end up creating suffering for themselves. When a relationship circle is over there is no further movement but standstill. Separation is the natural release for the new to start off.

People we encounter from time to time will play crucial roles in our lives, some in a good way and others in a negative way but they will have something they bring into our lives. We should be conscious what different people bring into our lives, be it an opportunity to grow, a nudge to conquer our fears, a door to new realizations_ or stress, difficulties, stagnation that will build more mature choices later on.

When we profit little from relationships we lag behind, when we refuse to recognize the good people that enter our lives, we take them for granted and such circles end without much gain. We should be alert to find the reason behind all our relationships, embracing the productive ones for our betterment.

Intelligence is being at pace with what is happening in our lives, sifting the wheat from the chaff, missing on nothing vital. And relationships are a vital part of every life, creating feelings of joy, love, growth, pain, suffering that can produce wisdom. Wisdom is what we gather at the end of every relationship when we are fully conscious; but when we are unconscious in our relationships numerous circles begin and end without gathering wisdom.

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