Treasures Are Within

There was a beggar sitting by the side of a road in a big city for years, people would walk by dropping pennies which the beggar willingly receives. One day a stranger was walking by and the beggar cried out as usual “assist me” holding out his hands beseechingly. “I have nothing to give you,” said the stranger but what is that you are sitting on?

“Nothing” replied the beggar, it’s just a heavy old scrap metal box, I have been using it to sit out here for years now! Have you ever looked inside? Asked the stranger. “No said the beggar”. What is the point? It’s probably filled with garbage, I picked it up from the waste. “Have a look inside insisted the stranger. The beggar angrily stood up and tried to open the box, with much effort he finally opened it. He shouted in astonishment, disbelief, and elation, when he realized the box was filled with stainless gold.

I am that stranger that have nothing material to give anyone but remind everyone to look inside themselves for infinite treasures. Not inside any box, as in the parable, but somewhere even closer, inside yourself. ” But I am not a beggar,” I can hear you say. “I had an expensive education, a notable certification, a good lifestyle.” These are beautiful things but they do not constitute real treasures.

And all those who have not yet found their true treasures, which is the causeless joy of Soul, that deep unshakable peace that is permanent under all circumstances are beggars even if they have great material wealth. They look outside for scraps of pleasure and fulfillment, for validation, security, love when they have treasures within that includes all outward things and much more, exceeding what the outside world can offer them!

Now! Note what destitution and poverty really entail, it is simply a life where the Soul is unknown. When Soul is unknown marriages are without real love, intellect is barren of truth, society demands too much, religion become warfare, leaders are self-centered, children break family values, a nation is rotten, the people strive only for the progression of education, civility and employment. But when soul treasures are revealed healing enters into our wounded world and restores back peace in every land.

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