Learning From Pain

People who are not living self consciously have a lot of pain living inside of them. The world has not been an easy place for anyone, we all have our share of pain right from our childhood. We picked up pain from the home, the schooling system, relationships, the larger environment and all of these accumulate to create unpleasantness within many people.

The pain we experienced are reflected to the outside in form of quick anger, depression, bitterness, ill intent, jealousy, hatred, resentment and many more. The more pain experienced through life the more the potential for destructive behavior to oneself and to others. There are many folks who don’t love and appreciate themselves, they criticize various aspects of their body and mind, ending up in a painful relationship with themselves.

Pain makes us alive and should be released consciously or it gets trapped in the body and mind creating disharmony. We can release pain by allowing the feelings and thoughts without being identified with them. When those nasty thoughts come up, we should relax and watch the mental projectings of pain like we do a movie. Allowing this without interruption weakens it’s power to trigger a response, the accumulated momentum begins to reduce.

When we react to pain triggers more pain is created. There are so many pain triggers we experience in our environment. People’s words and attitude can reopen a wound from the past or create new pain- pangs and we feel like reacting in return. We should watch our actions more in such instances, not adding to the already existing frustration. Triggers of pain can be avoided, by leaving those behind who are endless source of pain in our life.

Learning from pain can take tremendous amount of effort but deep wisdom is created in us. When you can allow pain and put up no resistance, such encounters are robbed of their sting and we open more spaciousness in ourselves. Pleasure and pain are intertwined in every life and we should learn with time to rise above good and bad experiences. The soul can assist us with this when we experience life without identification of any kind. Live impersonally thereby reducing the strongest momentum of pain.

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