There is a deep joy found in unity, serenity and peace that pour out from souls. Like the gentle flow of a brook, or the soft movement of rustic leaves.

Lasting friendships are rooted in simplicity, giving and internal joy. A joyless person cannot be a true friend, cannot be a timeless lover, the heart has nothing to give, no virtue to exercise.

The human heart is like the universe vast and endless, dark and cold; but there is an inner sun that enlivens and give warmth. Without sunshine and warmth there seem only darkness. Love is sunshine and attitude is warmth.

When you can dance to your own beat, you can also find the rhythm in dancing together, but when you cannot hear your own song, you also will not hear and criticize the sound beat of another.

Togetherness is an uphill climb, steep rocks which the adepts know how to navigate, using humility, patience, kindness and understanding to build lasting relationships.

Discipline maintains stability, routine keeps all going smooth, a breach of discipline and routine creates disharmony.

Spaciousness permits the breeze to enter, releasing the fragrance. Bushes of beautiful rose plants sprout side by side yet all revealing their own beauty.

What love unites cannot be separated. For when love touches the heart it bring about expansion with an endless longing for perfection.

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