Grotesque Cravings

Money is that thing filled with endless sentiments. Many believe it to be the sole sustenance of their lives. Every atom in their body spark action for only the accumulation of money, they have an unshakable belief that tons of money stashed up in the bank is the real security.

I don’t judge them for their beliefs, but our world is deteriorating fast into a mess, where everything is geared towards money. Something for exchange, something so neutral has been elevated to the pinnacle of individual destiny. So many people believe that their destiny, the purpose for incarnation is to be rich, to have mansions and all that money can bring now or someday.

It is an overestimation, an insatiable greed and lust that has eaten into the souls of the unguarded masses and is still eating deep until nothing is left but machines that live and breath only for daily sustenance. When we break out of our machine lives and hot house of thoughts to look into nature we find a sharp contrast. In the natural world everything is different, there is this stillness, this conviction and trust that life takes care of itself and every creature is given what they need for each moment.

In human society this is reversed, we have manage to fool ourselves that things are not enough and can never be. Stealing, lies, deceit, false news, wars happen just to gather and make money. Money is no longer neutral it has become a thing of attachment, something that has now made men earth bound, no longer receiving real treasures from inner dimensions.

Relationships lack the proper foundation, remove money from the equation and everything crumbles. We have become so narrow minded, so fearful for our lives that we do anything just to live. We need to change our attitudes towards money and allow it to return to the neutral standpoint or it will destroy us. All this coldness and brutality and imbalanced affectation need to stop. Money is just part of the experience, never the experience itself.

We have forgotten ourselves, who we really are as Souls and we have fallen monstrously. Life on earth is but a journey, a passage. Our destiny as a race is to outgrow the lower passions of wrath, greed, lust, attachment and vanity. That is the call, with the need to die daily. When we lust after life we cannot die to passions but when we are ready to die to the lower passions and begin the process, we find a new life in which everything is different. Whatever we really need just happens and we have great spaciousness to keep expanding spiritually.

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