Expect Nothing

Whatever you do expecting something in return puts you automatically in the uncomfortable zone. Expectations are like flies that pester and no matter how you try to shake them off they always come back brazenly. Work done with expectation pesters the mind with hope of either success or failure.

Success and failure are the two rewards of any action. We pray for one and reject the other but the other is an indispensable part of the whole circle. Both move hand in hand and the best way is to rise above the pairs being detached from outcomes. Action should be performed as a sacrifice, hence perform all work with the spirit of surrender and expect nothing in return.

The world is feverish about rewards, everyone expects to be awarded for their actions. When not awarded and recognized they feel the effort has been wasted. We see those celebrated and also wish to be celebrated but that’s a poor motive for acting. We should learn to act only for the joy of action, we should create with the best of our ability and soon forget about the creation, such works develop a life of their own.

Those that live for the rewards of work and action are often dissapointed. Sometimes success another time failure. When you love and expect love in return you are anxious about results. When you give and expect a pay back there is a chance for frustration, when you teach and expect all to understand you may meet disappointment. When the motive for acting is pure with no expectations that state bring about freedom from results and causeless joy.

We are all creative people each one of us. We all have expressions or something important to give to our fellow kind. Let’s give without expectations and thoughts of reward. Give in whatever way you can and keep giving. Whether the results are pleasant or unpleasant continue in the spirit of sacrifice and with utmost detachment, the joy is in the creative giving not in the gain or loss, the success or failure.


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