What Is Peace?

Peace is what everyone wants, but only a few know where peace truly is found. Man in his ordinary nature is not a peaceful creature, man trives on conflict, dissension, strife, confusion and wrath. War is a common thing, we fight each other on a physical, mental, psychological and emotional level. Very few individuals can lead very peaceful lives.

There is no possibility of peace when you are in slavery. And we are slaves to numerous things and person’s. Slaves to organizations, institutions and sects. Slaves to money, infatuate love and manipulative power. Slaves of customs and traditions. People move about as if they are free but on an inner level they are slaves to something, so many lives are controlled by other forces and not by self realization.

Man by nature contradicts himself, he says he wants peace but his activities and actions lead otherwise. The very substance on which all is built on is conflict. Married people desire peace but do things that are anti-peaceful. Society want a peaceful clime but foster policies and laws that cannot lead individuals into peaceful living. Man by nature is not peaceful and it takes enlightenment to make him a peaceful creature that is self aware.

The labyrinth of thought is endless and non stop making the mind warlike. People have resorted to all sort of things to calm the mind such as meditation, affirmation, music, drugs, sex, alcohol, diversions and entertainment but that inner devil keeps working rapaciously. The mind seems to be ran by a stranger that is not peaceful in itself but bubbles hot- gases of endless thoughts, entangling emotions and weird body sensations.

Peace is the goal but the attainment is far off. The experience of peace is very rare and many have no real experience of what peace really constitutes. We claim to know peace but what we know is happiness_ the euphoria from basic sensations of good. Nothing in this spherical globe can give peace. The world can only give happiness or unhappiness never peace.

If you search for peace go further beyond everything. Move out of body, mind, intellect, emotion and still go further. When you reach the remotest part of the known self you have the chance of peace. We have searched for peace long and hard in the wrong places never knowing that peace is the emanation of the Soul. When we finally transcend all the human faculties, all human knowledge and attachments we normally reach that state called PEACE!

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