The Importance Of Vision

Our vision is the source of our hope in daily life. Without a vision for the future we settle just for anything and live a life of little or no choices. Everyone has the eyes to see what is happening, anybody can go on complaining about what they don’t like, but the power to do something about what bothers you and others is reserved for the visionary.

Everything starts from a vision, all inventions was first seen with the minds eye and afterwards brought to the plane of manifestation. The world as it is today have been shaped by men and women of vision. Every social, economic, architectural, medical, scientific, and political achievement and advancement was brought about through the medium of vision.

Having a vision is what makes suffering and disappointment bearable, it provide hope in the midst of despair and endurance in tribulation. It breaks the circle of frustration and birth courage and persistence for desired change. Having a vision is so vital in today’s world, where opportunities are limited and economies dwindling with rise in job insecurities.

With a vision you clearly see your own place in the larger world. The Wright brothers saw their place in the aviation industry. Henry Ford saw his place in the automotive industry. Calvin Klein saw his place in the fashion world. Albert Einstein saw his contribution to science evolution. What is your vision and where do you see yourself a decade from today? Have no fear or doubt about your vision, it may only “tarry” but surely be manifested.

A wise king once said: “Where there is no vision people perish”. Yes! People and nations have perished for lack of visionary people, where everyone is myopic and petty there is no progress. You can be that visionary, that earth shaker and society shaper. There is no use waiting for a great leader to appear on the scene and change everything, make life easier for everyone. You are that person! Find your purpose and let the fire of vision burn in your eyes and carry through your motives.

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