The Iron Age

Whenever advancement is herald this ushers new pangs of despair, rumors of war, eat up corruption, degrading morality, falsehood, new tools for diversion and productivity; mankind has entered into the Iron Age. The Iron Age is a World circle that will lasts for 432,000 years. The earth has already passed through the golden age, the silver age and the copper age. This is but the beginning of the iron age which is always the most difficult era for mankind as a whole.

There are numerous challenges that will emerge out of the Iron era. And the most pronounced are wars with the rise of terror that can hardly be quelled. There will be a mass increase in violence, corruption, diseases, fraudulence and the strongest forms of dogmatic religion and worship. Politics will overwhelm the masses and take a larger part of their attention. People will live for entertainment and diversions and the will neglect development of higher aims.

The Iron Era is the time where the wheat will be separated from the chaff. The suffering and difficulties of the era will either push the masses into delirium or for the long lost spiritual freedom. It is an era where men and women will strive to become gods of worship, there will be strong personality cults and the weak will lose the last visage of their self identity. People will grope in darkness and manipulation. They will raise to power those that will enslave them.

The children of the Iron Age will grapple with vanity, lust, greed, the demons of wrath and inordinate attachments to things. Relationships will never be truthful for the cunning will supersede the honest volition. Families will be ever estranged, distanced from one another by the fiery flames of mad ambitions. There will be agony of heart for people will greatly misunderstand themselves.

Many will forget and forsake the truth out of deep suffering and great pleasure. There will hardly be any distinctions between right and wrong when all things become a means to materialistic ends. Lots of vain pomp and glories, new inventions, innovation and the match of progress will amaze and hook the masses. Yea! Only the souls that still desire liberation in the midst of such glitter and tribulation will be lead hand by hand out of this two edged era into the stable realms of light.

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