Prince Of Darkness

The prince of darkness is the negative power personified in man that makes him ever active, seeking the reward of actions, thoughts and speech which in turn holds him in the lower world’s of space and time.

Some call this force Satan, Kal, Abaddon, Appollyon, Beast, Dragon, Evil One, whatever the name may be it is the universal scorcher of souls, afflicting with endless darkness until the desire for self consciousness begins to awaken.

The tools of the prince of darkness has always been greed, wrath, lust, vanity and attachments, these seeming normal states that run life in the lower world’s are taken to an excessive proportion, leading to both outer and inner suffering.

It entices and promises fame, power, health, wealth, sex, money, gold, silver, great honors, popularity, human love and emotional love. And when the soul give in to such temptations the five passions are overrated and elevated to the pinnacle while redemptive desire for self consciousness is left dormant.

The prince creates illusion of heaven as a reward for good and hell as the reward for bad. The good then become self righteous and attached to the fruits of good actions and the bad are made guilty and told they deserve to suffer, have freedom taken and peace of mind destroyed. But both the good and bad cannot reach the realm of the Sugmad.

The prince of darkness loves rituals, dogmas, pompous ceremonies, self righteousness, self importance, vain attitude, self destructive behaviors, depression, scandal, theft, false morality, idolatry, worship of personality which cannot lead any soul towards redemption or spiritual independence.

The Sugmad allows all this because the prince of darkness trains souls through countless experiences and is one of the main entities responsible for the education of souls in the lower world’s. It’s puts souls through diverse experience of adversity, negativity, darkness, suffering until soul learns to overcome both good and evil in complete surrender to the inner Sugmad hence destroying the powers of darkness and living a life of great awareness and spiritual freedom.

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