Cause And Effect

Foundation is most important in everyone’s life. The laid down foundation is what causes either great movement or standstill in each individuals life. The age of eighteen to thirty five years is the foundational or “Cause” years of every individual. What is done during such period in thoughts, speech and deeds set the pace of the most pronounced “Effects” of life.

Our Spirits become more conscious at the age of eighteen. We start to feel the urge of our own impulses, growth pangs, and a strong yearning to discover and follow our own path. This is true for all individuals but what follows is determined by the strength of that conviction, the boldness and start up guts or the cowardice, submissive and slavish programming that hinders forward movement.

The age eighteen to thirty five are the periods of growth, self revelation, self discovery, introspection, self discipline that lead the individual to understand themselves better. Whatever does not find alignment during such a period will be difficult to align later on. If one does not find their path at such a stage of life they become marionettes that will be stage played for shows of laughter and ridicule.

Beyond such years everything become crystallized, the fool at this point may ever remain the fool, with bafflement of what is the Cause and Effect of endless difficulties. But the progressive individual at this time find in life wisdom, satisfaction and stability. So many still fail to impact after such an age, still reasoning like highschool pupils at a period in which wisdom and insight should be evident.

Find your footing while you are still young, use the time allotted you to the best of your capacity. Grow when it’s time to grow and never stir romantic love when it’s not the hour; the emotions are demanding and will consume fertile years. Flee from idle speech and gossip, stay away from associations that are vain, find your aloneness and peace. Climb to the pinnacle of your capabilities and unfold as the flowers.

Time cannot be reversed, you only reap the bitter ashes of your deeds or the sweetness of a disciplined and well planned life. Those that scorn and reject instruction from within and without will find out later they had no solid foundation. And regretfully utter that: “it is better to build a strong foundation than to fritter away the time in youthful exuberance”.

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