Love And Hate

We live in a world of human-hood with love and hate, they both interchange in the working of any reality. The search for human love is normal but at the corner lurks something more and it shrouds in darkness awaiting the hour to reveal itself. That phantom is hate, the dark menacing shadow of love. The admonition here is to gain independence from both human love and hate.

Human love is eccentric by nature and has foundation on the principle of duality. It has tendencies to fluctuate and is very unstable. We treat our children, friends, family, neighbors, associates respectfully and courteously today shifting into coldness and spite tomorrow. Human love has residues of hate in it, for human love is a product of duality.

Love/hate relationships is what governs the world, we agree to disagree, we fight fiercely to come into truce, such love are the workings of the material universe. The same hands that cuddle you is the same hand that squeezes you, the same tongue that praise you is the same tongue that condemns you, the handshake of agreement is the strike hand of death, the hearth of family is the life pool of enmity.

The pairs of love and hate are inseparable, wherever you look you find them working in human relationships, business dealings, national and international affairs. We cannot find maturity through love alone, it is through the stabs of hate, the fangs/claws of conflict and near destruction that we are pushed to the development of Soul.

Those that accept both love and hate equally can dance in tribulation and find their footing in humiliation. But they that expect love and fear hate will meet agonies that will distort them more than anything else. You should not fight hate with hate, only be aware until hate exhaust itself. You should not also rely on human love, it is fickle and prone to change.

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