Idolization And Personality Worship

Worship should never be directed towards anyone or anything. We commonly see people worshiping things and people for one reason or the other. Successful or religious personalities are idolized and worshipped be it for the favor they may confer or something more vain. There should be a clear distinction between respect and worship, respect should be given to those that deserve honor but worship is forbidden.

Idolization and worship of personality promote envious circles. Tempts people to get stuck in delusions and see reality through a kaleidoscope. People travel miles to see other people they adore or idolize and after such encounter life still remains life. Such things also fills the political arena where hero’s of the nation are worshipped as gods. People spend endless hours talking and arguing on political figures and their decisions, forgetting to shape their own individual lives.

Men idolize women’s bodies and begin to loose their sound judgement. Women idolize men of power, status and influence and ruin healthy relationships in the process. This frenzy goes on to wreck havoc in numerous ways, men and women are hardly comfortable with each other. Advertising on the other hand is done with the aim of idolization of things where glitter, shine, newness are updated. People then crave these things with their lives at the cost of reality.

The trap found in idolization and personality worship is that you begin to lose your “Now-ness”, you disparage yourself for other people you don’t really know. To be a free spirit you must forsake personality worship and idolization. You have to be yourself to live fully, grow and give your honest contribution. To waste time on people you hardly know with flamboyant personalities is time consuming.

There is something slavish about this era. The way people talk, act, behave bespeaks of inner bondage. You find so many addictions present today, people are hardly striving for self realization and are addicted to stones, rock, wood, mental stimulation and electronics. A little glitter and billions are hooked. But the truth still remains; only the free and unattached make the largest strides.

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