We all have our duties the material and spiritual obligations. Life is not some random walk, some aimless journey where we just live clueless. Each individual arrive with certain natural expressions and promptings. This is what create the avenue for work, growth and spiritual advancement.

Whenever we feel disconnected from our duty we are at fault, we have allowed the wayward human thoughts to clog the inner directives. Without the inner directives we are living without inspiration and no matter how prosperous or accomplished we may look on the outside we are still misplaced.

Life is both an outer and inward experience. We have material duties and also spiritual responsibility towards unfolding. Many people acknowledge material duties but few deal with the demands of Soul. The catalyst for change and transformation on the outside occurs on the inside, how you evolve on the inside influences the outside.

The principle of obedience and receptivity are keys to know our outward and inward duty. When an individual is pliable to instructions both inner and outer the duty will become very clear to that person. Others take on false duties out of vanity and self promotion that will lead them to unhappiness and unfulfillment.

Duty must be clear or else the actions will never ennoble the individual. We find our duties through listening to the inner voice and outwardly by thoroughly observing the way our life is unfolding. Life is comprehended when you are very vigilant. Consciousness is not something to lazy with, you either put pressure on it to expand or you completely drown and lose it.

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