A Pure Heart

A pure heart is the gateway to happiness, a pure heart is the hidden door out of all suffering, a pure heart is both giver and receiver of true love, a pure heart is superior to all forms of riches, a pure heart is better than great learning; a pure heart is free from attachment that’s why it can find joy in any situation.

The world is yet to realize the importance of having a pure heart. A heart that is not over identified with materiality and passions. No person can buy a pure heart, neither can it be borrowed. A father/mother cannot directly give a child a pure heart, neither can friends exchange a pure heart. Purity is something that must be individually cultivated and is an individual possession.

Universal mind or world hypnotism is ever concerned with destroying purity by barraging each mind with endless stream of thoughts for identification. Creating illusions of good and evil, when identified with these impulses begin to gather momentum of karma. Good thoughts create good karma and evil thoughts create bad karma. The soul then becomes a prisoner in the lower worlds.

Purity is of the Soul, the Soul is where we find refuge from universal mind or world hypnotism. The Soul gives strength that allows us to radiate purity in our daily lives. It ever remind us to practice detachment, for detachment destroys the five passions. We are unclean when soiled with attachments, greed, wrath, lust, and vanity.

The journey toward purity is a hard and odious path. We learn to reduce momentum of anger, clinging, conceit, insatiable appetite and vain glory. To reach this point of detachment we must abide by the governance of Soul. The purity of soul then begins to emanate from us, we from that point become a door entry for love and mercy into the world.

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