Attitude Is Everything

The attitude you move with through life determines the content of your experiences. Attitude has to do with the way we think and reason which in turn have an impact on the way we respond to the circumstances of our lives.

Our attitude creates an impression on everyone we come across and on the environment as a whole. We are constantly sending and receiving signals according to the nature of our attitudes. A positive attitude bring positive experiences and response. A negative attitude bring adversity and hardship.

Individuals find themselves situated in constant strife, bitter arguments, bad relationships, victimization, magnet of woes, snobbery and strong frustration. These are results of a terrible attitude. We know when we are hungry, we know when we are sick, but many people are not aware of the nature of their attitudes.

In truth, people generally don’t care to have a high level of attitude awareness. They resemble portraits of grotesqueness that lack elevation, this is because a positive attitude is aesthetic by nature. When individuals simply don’t care to work on their attitudes they sooner or later come to disaster and ruin wondering what hit them.

Because cause and effect govern and work with attitude, what you give is what you receive. Those that build an awareness of their attitude are very prosperous in all things of body, mind and environment. They know the middle way and can perceive whenever they are moving outside of balance.

Now! What is your attitude towards life? What is your attitude towards growth and expansion? What is you attitude towards your fellow Man? When you make mistakes do you beat up yourself with guilt? When you fail or things are not working your way do you give up easily? In life there is really no one to blame, your attitude places you where you belong.

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