So many have not yet reached that degree of inner silence where they begin to ponder what being human is all about. The pestering thoughts of survival and body preservation have robbed them of the content of true spiritual realization.

Whenever the term human is mentioned many immediately get pictures of immaturity, imperfection, sin, mistakes and great wickedness. Throughout the history of the human race apart from the golden age, mankind have been immersed in all forms of decadence. But is that what human means_ not really!

There is a conscious addition to the term “MAN” and that addition is “HU”. Very few can say with accuracy what the “HU” means in the term HUMAN. “HU” is the light and sound consciousness in man that make him distinctive from all other life forms in the earthly environment.

The light and sound current is the foundation of every person, the immortal energy that always lives on irrespective of the loss of the earthly body. Living in bondage and limitation is a taboo when the “HU” is known. Hu-man beings are powerful beings with all the possibility to shape their realities however they prefer it.

Ignorance to the “HU” in ourselves, the audible life current is the source of suffering, slavery and disharmony which constitutes unawareness. When we are not in tune with the “HU”, we are just men and women with bodies that have lost dominion over our lives. Dominion is what every man seeks and not to be at the mercy of strange forces.

‘HU” is not dependent on anything; it is the audible life current, the self sufficiency present in every person. We need not be beggars anymore or seek our good from anyplace other than within ourselves. The only hindrance to the realization of the “HU” is ignorance. When we begin to see ourselves as light and sound currents of creation that have come to gather lessons from this earth, we will indeed unfold the true beauty of being HUMAN.

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