Self Realization

There is the false self and there is the true self. The false self or bodies are what we use temporarily to experience a particular dimension, we have a couple of these bodies physical and subtle. Due to the error of attachment we come to complete identification with the false selves or temporary bodies.

The human body and personality is one of these false selves which many believe to be their actual self. The real difference between the real self and the false self is that the real is constant and the false continuously changes due to birth and death. The human body with its simultaneous environment are only needed for the development of the true self.

What is the nature of the true self? The real self does not die, neither can it be harmed or subjected to defect; it is timeless and impeccable. Then why do we need the temporary or false Selves? This is because many of us are not readily conscious of that state of perfection; we rather need the experiences of good and evil in illusory bodies that gradually lead us to awaken to our everlasting situation of love.

Self realization is an awakening to the real and the leaving behind of powerful world illusions. The world in which we live in serves one purpose and that is to awaken the Soul. Through repeated experiences of good and bad we naturally come to desire the oneness of love. From various forms and shapes, through countless trials and tribulation we will someday find our salvation.

Self realization is the end of duality and the beginning of oneness. We from that point fear no evil or hanker after good. We only live in a consciousness of love and total freedom. With nothing personal we stand above all opinions and concepts; free from the pull of greed, wrath, lust, vanity and attachment. Allowing life to just be what it already Is.

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