Material Deprivation

Material deprivation, lack, poverty is a human condition that cannot be completely wiped out because it has a hidden purpose in the development of Souls. In abundance and prosperity people easily become indolent, smug and completely closed from inner growth. They are classed with busy bees that expend great energy in making sweetness that will eventually be taken from them.

In the hierarchy of life the Soul precedes the body and mind. It is responsible for the animation of both body and mind, the seat of control living independently above body and mind. The circumstances we experience in life are soul governed tailored precisely to what we need. People whine they have never experienced some material goodies, but fail to see the hidden Soul development that only that situation of lack can reveal to them.

The Soul abide in a human body and such a body have beginnings and endings. But Soul is patient, it is a warrior traveller that has come to experience notwithstanding the best or worst human experience. It will unfold or remain static according to the volition of each individual. Those that are bent on material enjoyment alone will fail in soul development, they will enjoy fleeting joys but will never attain stability.

Living in prosperity and abundance is not necessarily the complete life, also the life of material deprivation is not the ideal existence; but the life of soul development will elevate body and mind to the point where it is less bothered by what experiences present themselves. We from that point grow beyond being obsessed and attached to prosperous conditions and a perpetual nagging in deprivation, towards finding growth in all simulations.

With this we should sorrow no more for the body or be over- excited in bodily joys, for conditions of the world are all fleeting. The only true substance we possess in this world is the Soul, it is above all comfort and discomfort and testifies to the everlasting love and growth found in life.

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