Soul Travellers

Nobody is here to stay no matter how beautiful, how talented, how rich, how popular, how charitable, or how knowledgeable, we are all travellers passing through the earthly dimension. It is not a mystery, it is a reality that the body, mind, microcosm and macrocosm testifies within living creatures great and small.

Very few can tell with youth and confidence what Soul is for themselves, others may think it vague, distant, maybe something mythical. For them the Soul is a mythical tale where magic happens and those that abide in such region of fantasy live happily ever after. What they have not yet realized is that the Soul is the power house of everyone’s life.

Soul have always powered human bodies that live in the earthly environment to build up maturity through experience and while some souls are conscious of their existence other souls are asleep. The old souls will see earth life as an opportunity to expand while the sleeping souls will see earth life as an opportunity to ravage themselves. To put Soul power into practical use there must be discipline in areas of thought, word and action.

There are many life changing opportunities that are not recognized by individuals due to Soul loss. This builds up many questions they need answers to; and all that they hear and are told fails to satisfy. Their sorrows ache, their problems unresolved, their faith sift through shaking hands, their minds becoming the center gravity of confusion. They feel this power within themselves giving inner guidance, but they pull back in fear not knowing from where it comes.

That Power is of the Soul, the current that have it within itself to uplift. Pervading everyone and everything with the nudge toward continuous unfolding. This power journeys with the sun, the moon, the new born babe, the rivers, the migrating birds and the coniferous pine tree, also with you and me. When we are bold to follow the direction of the Soul, we rise to higher dimensions far away from the hellish conditions we have always known; into a new consciousness that is love pervaded.

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