From Faith To Knowing

The acorn seed need no faith in reconciling with its destiny of someday becoming the stately oak tree. The rugged caterpillar need no foretelling it will someday unfold into a magnificent butterfly. A calf born to the ocean world need no further conviction it will someday become a leviathan blue whale. So also Man need no faith all he will ever need on his material and spiritual journey reside within himself.

Faith is something that belongs to the dimension of mind. The mind being uncertain and not within its power to view the whole rest it’s assurance in faith and hope. Faith tries to affirm believe in what already exists. The dual force in the universe split things in twos and man tries to use faith to claim the better half, this cannot save him for he must experience a rhythmic interchange of all human conditions.

Faith and hope are two ingrained mind illusions that run a lot of lives making people believe they can change what is fixed or destined. We spend our lives trying to change and redirect things already dictated by Karmic laws. People want their circumstances changed not knowing what they experience is what they have earned. We see the universe in all its completeness yet still need express believe as though adamantine laws need approval. Faith is a bottomless pit that when fallen into one never reaches a concrete ground.

Look to nature the true living teacher and you find nothing like faith. All creatures are certain of their path and have knowing of their full circle. But man shows little or no realization of his powers, he needs to have faith in other to gain sustenance, to get his priorities straight, to procreate his kind, to find true companionship, to expect goodness and kindness; never knowing that what he gives is what he receives.

Whatever the mind conceives is already in existence, faith does not bring about anything into manifestation. You don’t need to have faith to have a human body, hence there is no need to have faith to maintain it. Circumstances will play- out according to individual consciousness that follows the law of giving and receiving. The Soul has no faith or hopes, it does not need belief, it knows the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresent that is the nature of life.

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