Beyond Genius

Degree of individual cultivation varies among men which evident the many levels of absorption, expression and impacted inspiration. Inequality among men is also common because some individuals are going higher on the evolution tone scale, while others don’t hoot about cultivation or evolution, they never see themselves as a garden in which the degree of exertion equals the degree of beauty and harvest.

Without the dedicated interests of some devoted individuals to their ability and talent we will not be enjoying the benefits found in this era. The genius has always stood apart in living a life dedicated to the advancement of his or her course. These unselfish individuals use every bit of their time, energy, minds in producing benefits for the aweary masses who are always trapped in selfishness of living for themselves and immediate love ones.

The source of genius has always been unwavering dedication to a course, idea, belief which in turn birth inspiration and serve as a medium or channel for something different to enter into the earthly sphere. Due to untiring effort the individual breaks into the astral world and becomes an interest to the higher inhabitants of that region. Connection is established through mental telepathy in which completed solutions to yet unresolved problems are passed to the individual.

Genius serves only as a medium until a higher activity acts upon it to elevate it into the cosmic awareness. In this state of cosmic consciousness the individual becomes his own source of inspiration because he now meets the requirement to transcend the astral world into the mental plane. New faculties are discovered which command rear wisdom and actions that speak the universal language.

Advancement still lurk beyond the mental plane and it’s impressive cosmic consciousness which gives the power of prophesy, futuristic knowledge, properties of healing and almost complete understanding of the lower worlds. Above these planes is the dimension of the Soul, the positive dimension of life free from the pull of duality. For in the dual worlds there is an interchange of genius and stupidity, and an interchange of knowledge and ignorance.

The Soul plane is what everyone is seeking consciously or unconsciously because it’s where we all began life as positive beings, free from the power of duality. But the sphere of duality has a purpose to push us toward unfoldment with seeming poles of opposite conditions that when we finally find the courage to rise above them, we are better suited to live as powerful beings on the Soul plane where all sentiments, causes and effects, mind activities and worldly instincts are finally outgrown.

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