Pangs Of Suffering

Pain and suffering are the most eloquent language that speaks to the undisciplined person; every other prompting will fall on deaf ears. The type of suffering people create for themselves is unbelievable with all sort of imbalanced practices. Every action performed with malicious intent will automatically effect pain, discomfort and a harsh reality.

The attitude we put on in life attract either positive or negative realities. The law of cause and effect is the most important law people should learn both educated and uneducated, for once it is grasped fully actions will be performed consciously and desired result will be evident. A malicious propensity should never expect kindness, the very act of malice attracts a homogeneity of negatives.

Every human situation must seek balance in giving and receiving. What you give out is definitely what you receive in return with more added. Nobody can fool or escape universal laws not even the mighty elites. This law works independently giving to everyone what they put into the world. An unfaithful partner will never have stability, a crooked business person will always meet with difficulties; an indolent person will always experience deprivation.

Where the greedy congregate conflict is found; for greed and tugs go hand in hand. Where there is insatiable craving for money, theft, deceit and misgivings find their way inside the heart. Pain is created by imbalance and the emotional world brings another dimension of pain where betrayal, mutiny and unrequited aspirations are met. These emotional pains may or may not be avoided, but where there is an attitude of honesty, there is also invincibility to anguish.

Most pain encountered result from imbalanced actions of individual words, thoughts and activities. A lot of pain in life are unnecessary, yet some challenge us to grow being under the natural law of duality. But the self-created pain that creates untold suffering can be avoided. Living a balanced life is needed to avoid unnecessary problems; this is challenging at first, but with continuous discipline in practicing awareness the law of balance will be obeyed and harmony found.

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