Inner Travels

Sit down on a comfortable chair with spine upright and feet placed fully on the floor for an hour doing nothing. No biting of lips or fingers, no work of any kind, no phone usage, no television, no child gamboling just sit in a quite room for one complete hour. You may say why such a long time but you spend longer periods doing other things. Close your eyes if you wish for better awareness in observing what happens next.

What happens next is subjective to each person, but in most cases all thought identifications of past and present take over the mind and strong feelings begin to stir. If the individual can sit up to half an hour of the exercise memories buried in the subconscious begin to arise for release. At this point things can get wild for the first timers of this exercise. Feelings of loneliness, anger and loss begin to rise; the pent energies that where suppressed begin to come up and there is great confusion.

This is the very reason the human brain love endless bout of occupation, activity that only the natural state of sleep can bring to a halt. When the brain is not busy with it’s occupations the soul begin to travel to planes of correspondence where the individual either begin to feel great trepidation, calmness, and in rare cases bliss! Many people dread being alone, they seek constant diversion or companionship even though such are vain in effort to avoid the soul development.

But for how long can earthly activities cover the actual state of Souls development. Sooner or later death of the body will ensue and the true condition of the individual will be revealed. Is it not better to begin the journey while on earth discovering and meeting the requirements for living in higher dimensions. It is a rite of passage through the eye of the needle and everything worthless will revolt against this kind of progress; but eventually the soul is ennobled.

A dead conscience can be gradually brought to life again with this exercise of learning to sit doing nothing. When the individual learns to sit doing nothing the receptive faculties begin to cultivate. The “inner travel” is a route into self to explore the actual state of individual consciousness. When an individual finds a deplorable state of consciousness and has a serious desire to ascend; his or her climb begin and help will come from all direction both inward and outward.

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