Fear is the origin of superstition, within the dimension of fear all sorts of misguided idea, belief, folklore issue out to give different people some level of relief. Man has superstitious beliefs about the universe, about life and about himself, he goes through every mundane activity in timidity as if some mighty force that portend doom will chain him forever in the claw paws of misery.

There is this expectancy of doom on oneself and on others, people look at each other with mistrust, never agreeing on a common ground, those in the east look suspiciously at the west, nothing seems to be saving us from this menace, we are afraid of ourselves. Is man so ignorant that he shudders when met with a reflection of himself in the world, or does he accept what he sees and realizes that what is true is the truth for all men.

Only love can destroy the false images put up by superstition, but where there is hatred this insidious thing finds growth and wreck havoc in the life of individuals and nations. Superstition aberrates reality and colour it with some distorted image. In this kaleidoscopic view of twisted things life is misunderstood and deep hatred and fear governs the mind. All kinds of taboo find place, we swim in slimy pool of wretchedness.

Superstition hate cats, hate ugly people, hate progressive living, fears the number six or twelve, promotes tribalism, racism and dissension. Superstition teaches that life is terrible, gruesome and malevolent. And people in the quest to defend themselves from such evils do all sort of abominable things which bring damage to themselves. Superstition always make people feel powerless and live in fear, believing they are at the mercy of strange powers; or someone other than themselves can roll the dice of misfortune.

Nothing can act upon you which you give no permission. No creep can enter into your consciousness unless you permit it. There is no power greater than individual volition. No man, woman, idea, doctrine, insinuation can manipulate another when they are fully conscious. Fear and superstition creeps in when there is no connection to the Soul. The Soul is the source of knowing which destroys all ignorance; the Soul is the source of light which eradicate darkness.

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