Understanding Mind

Nature of mind is an unexplored dimension for many persons that either seem too impossible to comprehend “so they say” or too difficult to master. Mind is but an instrument of soul, when soul is unconscious of itself and the higher view it naturally become slave to the mind. The mind has infinite groves for the unconscious soul to reside, these illusions can last for endless circles until the mind is completely governed by the Soul.

There is universal mind and there is individual mind. Individual mind get command and prompting from the universal mind activity. The individual mind has a vital instrument called the intellect. The intellect remains the finest substance that the human brain can produce. From the intellect man find reason and instinctive intelligence which gives rise to all the civilization and innovation of the various races.

The average man and woman work from the individual mind which need some degree of cultivation through processed education to be at its best. But the yogi has come to see the limitation of the individual mind that work mechanically, merging it with the universal mind for greater scope. A good example of this is a computer without an internet connection which is limited to only offline activity and the computer connected to an internet router which broadens the sphere of activity.

Individual mind has six emotional dimensions and they go in order of: hate, fear, boredom, sexuality, joy and love. All human thought and feeling have motive in these dimensions. There are hateful thoughts, fearful thoughts, idle thoughts, sexual thoughts, joyful thoughts, and loving thoughts. These six dimensions need to be balanced. When imbalanced from hate come anger, malice and murder. From fear come threat and envy. From boredom gossip, slander and sloth. From sexuality pervert ways and wild passions. From joy restlessness and over activity. From love sentiment and infatuation.

But when the mind is balanced by reason, pure intelligence and guidance of Soul the opposite is true. From hate dimension will come preference of good over evil. From fear dimension will come knowledge of cause and effect. From boredom will sprout meditation and mindfulness. From sexuality will come tenderness and compassion. From joy will come aligned thought and action. And from love dimension will come freedom for oneself and others.

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