Law Of Fewness

All of mankind are called to partake of harmony, perfection, heavenly inspiration, but few respond to this call. Beset by pestering worldliness of what to eat, where to shelter and how to become somebody; few individuals can pick up the heavy cross of truth and climb up to the mountain top of spiritual freedom. We live in the midst of light, guidance, unconditional love but few can make use of the privilege.

The multitude that seek the light when finally shown the narrow path turn back in horror, they lack the strength to endure the ordeal therefore they cringe, returning back to the old ways. It is easy to come to the light demanding wealth, desiring fame, pleading for success and honor; but its very unusual to ask for poverty, for obscurity, for seeming failure and shame that breeds unseen evolution.

Few can obey the voice of the spirit and still few can discipline themselves until they become a pure channel for the light. The door of the external world is wide open to riches, fame and fortune the multitude seek; but the door to the interior consciousness seems hidden that very few can find admittance to enter.

Many recognize the path but few are they who thread it. Many are awaiting the word to come, but few will recognize it when it arrives. Many will seek but few will find. The few are those that are ready to drop everything, to be open and non judgemental to the reality of the soul. The many will ask endless questions, will make arguments, will revert progress, will become wrathful when told to drop attachments. Only few will be willing and obedient.

The law of fewness have it that where the multitude are found the truth is far off. The majority cannot accept the truth, only a few will accept and finally recognize it within themselves. The earth is inhabited by legions but few seem to have control of their existence, still very few seem to live consciously. These few individuals are always the exception, the multitude will mock, misunderstand and persecute but will never defeat the few.

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