Trapped In Forms

Everything in the universe is energy. Man is a mass of energy that manifest as a frequency in his earthly life. The sun is also the central energy that powers all forms found on the planet, without such a huge mass of energy planetary life will not be made possible. When life is viewed from the standpoint of energy, all things are therefore vibrations that move on particular wavelengths. Ant, bird, crab, river, stone are all energy manifested at different frequencies.

Life define things very clearly, misunderstanding happens when individuals are prisoned in forms. Form is a kind of instrument that houses energy for a time frame. And when that period is over energy return to its original state. When you see yourself as energy you begin to understand yourself better and act from a universal perspective. You will then live completely in freedom and love knowing that the forms are never the true nature.

In the universe things begin as wave pattern, it is indeed a wave patterned dynamic universe. Energy or current flow in waves cooling off to become circles of positive and negative. Our earthly lives is a circle of positive and negative discharge. One idea governs all life forms and that idea is love. Love which manifests as energy cannot be destroyed therefore the end circle of any life form is the beginning of another. Until energy or love is consciously understood circles cannot be broken.

Man as an energy field is yet to know the real extent of his power. For now he is more interested in his immediate form and the limitation found in that expression is the source of endless anxieties. What to eat, where to shelter and numerous difficulties confront him, but if he can abide in his nature of energy difficulties will dissolve. Energy is on the higher tone scale and has within itself the requirement of any manifestation. To be independent of needs work with all exertion to understand yourself as energy.

Man has always been called out of the form prison he clings too dearly which causes him untold hardship. He refuses to recognize his true nature as infinite indestructible energy while living on earth. He believes only in body and the faculties which are very limited and problem prone, living mostly from fear. The destiny of such belief in forms create high momentum of greed, attachment, lust for life forms and vanity which make for countless repetition on the wheel of birth and death.

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