1. Right Understanding.

Understanding brings relief, it remove the tension of uncertainty and make people walk in light. To Understand there must be an openness, there must be a conscious acceptance of light and dark. Everything has its opposite which form a circle of interchange, there is growth and decay, no- thing is without the other half. When we live in reality the whole is accepted and we find the key, the door out of posing difficulties.

2. Right Intention.

Intention seems hidden, the motive behind action are not visible on the outside only the action itself. Two persons may be performing the same action but from different motives. Someone may seek leadership offers for selfish motive and another for the love of his people. Proper motive is the best form of security, all other security fail when motive is impure. A clear conscience foster peace, but hidden evil is a source of discomfort.

3. Right Speech.

What we say reveal who we are, when what people say are carefully listened to, you may begin to understand who you are dealing with. Some persons cannot control their mouths, they are constantly in the game of exposing themselves, they may feel the more the say the more they get but the reverse is true. In speech the rule should be truthfulness, always say what is true. Learn to say I don’t know, rather then speak untruth.

4. Right Action.

Actions leave trail of what the life stand for. How we act is actually the most accurate measure of what we should expect. Actions governed by moral principles are seeds sown on a fertile land, where there is rainfall and sunshine we should expect a bountiful harvest. Actions that are immoral are pits dug expecting others to be ensnared by them, never knowing one will return back to that point. A fool never care about how they act only to later complain of what they experience.

5. Right Livelihood.

We all must make a living somehow, each man has a duty of maintaining his or her body. In the process of maintaining the body, in the search for livelihood untold wrongs are committed. People do anything for the sustenance of the body, they claim justice in doing the wrong things because it concern life preservation. We must learn to sustain our bodies in the proper way without moving out of natural harmony.

6. Right Effort.

Exertion in proper channels pays off. When life is not spent in frivolous activities and effort is put in cultivation of values, we grow to have true treasures in the universal bank. So many become indebted with age to the law and the universe. They make demand of what they have not given finding nothing in return. Effort should be given not only to earthly things but to urgent spiritual issues. Life is continuous and many of our possessions will be left behind only what is within.

7. Right Mindfulness.

The practice of awareness is the most important action while living. We should be present in whatever we do. Being absent while performing any action sprout suffering. Meditation and mindfulness should be cultivated on a daily basis, we should learn to sit alone from time to time and do nothing. Hear the chirping of birds, the sound of rain, the inbreathing and out breathing from the nostrils. Sounds are means of transportation out of the mind prison; pay attention to the sounds you come across in life.

8. Right Concentration.

Without concentration there is no development. Those that cannot concentrate on the proper things live an unaccountable life. Concentration work miracles, it can elevate whoever practices it. When the mind is gently taught to concentrate, there is nothing it cannot understand. Focus and concentration are the pinnacle of discipline, from these two the proper foundation is built. Those that can tune out unnecessary thoughts and feelings from the mind are indeed the fortunate.

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