Age Of Learning

This is a wonderful era for all mankind, through million years of deep struggles and changes the earth world has come to a period where her inhabitants are all presented with the opportunity to evolve. A mighty command resound through the ether demanding all men to pick up their scattered pieces and find wholeness. Each is now presented with the opportunity to advance, this is either received with joy or ignored.

Circles govern all happenings in the universe, everything will transform and change, opportunities must be made use of while they still present themselves. Every positive circle has a tinge of the negative, this means that the era of learning and advancement for mankind also come with great distraction. People still alert to the voice of the universe must feel the demand of the present era. This is an era of growth and destruction.

Those that will make it into the new level of awareness are already known by the activities they choose to pursue, they that will linger and cling to the old state of consciousness already bear within their dealings the symbol of loss. These will rebel against the message of the age, they will strive with all exertion to prevent their kind from evolution. Mankind have wonderful heights to reach for all are on a journey to perfection and each is given what it need during the onset of every circle.

Look all around and you will see that the world is now bringing all the pieces together, what was heretofore distant is now near. Mysteries are no longer hidden, secrets hold no seal to the open heart, everything is now revealing itself. Ignorance is forbidden, numerous remedy present the cure; what was difficult through the past ages is now basic. Therefore adhere to the reason of this age and move in line with the occurring circle; in the movement is evolution.

When the circle of the twenty first century come to a close all will be scattered, from the west the seas will rage and from the east there will be great darkness. Those that cultivated the light within themselves will find comfort but they that linger in the old state will find nothing but the destruction which they sort. The universe is but a school with many rooms or earth’s, all the students therein are under probation; those that absorb the lessons will evolve into the perfect state.

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