Learn To Do Things Your Way

The wisdom behind this paraphrase is staying true to your originality. When life is lived the way others want it, your experiences will be greatly watered down. Trust your own opinions about things, life is different to each individual, the way someone does something shouldn’t be the model for everyone. A lot of popular opinion are not needed, what one person experienced to succeed individually may not be necessary in the experience of another.

We should cultivate independence of mind, having an inner space not totally influenced by the outside. There are lessons that are universal for everyone but how it is applied in daily living is unique to each person. Authenticity is something that get lost in over exposure, people’s trust in themselves diminishes and they let go to the prevailing atmosphere. Everyone then desire the same thing and outcome, what is crying out within them for expression get neglected for the collective.

Individuals that stay true to themselves discover new routes of getting to the common destination of material welfare. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do it your own way. What they say and what they think is not needed, what you want for yourself is most important. Let the good and bad people keep doing whatever they want, your originality is the real deal. People make blunders because they imitate others, they like the way someone is living and think they should do same.

Discover yourself, learn to explore your mind and natural propensities. Find out what you like and don’t like and don’t hesitate to give “no” as a response. Think of how you like your physical experience to be, don’t have complexes of what you feel your life should evolve into. When you like something accept you do, when you feel something act immediately for these are signals that serve as inner notification or warning. Let go of analysing people’s lives, what they do or have rather become self aware of your own life.

How victorious in life we are is determined by how we love and respect ourselves. When you maintain a poor image of yourself and your capabilities you fall into defeat. The world has a strong resonant voice of saying what should and cannot be done, you must rise above this and become invincible to popular cliché. Life here is like a canvas and restless people will try to paint on your drawing board asking you how wonderful their work is; but your job is to erase such things and create from your own originality.

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